Immigration Office – 26 Federal Plaza

So — the stupidity of our homeland security still baffles me.

Yesterday we were at the immigration office and we were NOT ALLOWED TO STAND in the waiting room. If you got out of your seat to stretch your legs, a guard immediately came over and (rather nicely) asked you to either sit or leave the room. You were not allowed to look out the window onto the street, you were not allowed to stretch your aching butt (as it was a 3 hour wait), you were not allowed STAND!!!

This in a room where one is acknowledging the fundamental right to “the pursuit of happiness” – unless that happiness includes standing!

Though reading the Bill of Rights was quite fun — just to see how many of them have been usurped!

Couple of weeks in the TimeOut, they had a great joke — went something like this —

“Nowadays the White House is like the Dukes of Hazzard, each week George & Dick get into trouble, then they jump the General Lee over the Bill of Rights!”

Enjoy your time peeps – change is on the way (change to what we shall see and we shall create!)


~ by septemous on August 8, 2007.

One Response to “Immigration Office – 26 Federal Plaza”

  1. “Change is on the way”–Wow…how prophetic!

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